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And the sun should always set this way - not yet day [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
not yet day

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And the sun should always set this way [Mar. 29th, 2004|09:18 pm]
not yet day


They hold each other in near silence for several minutes, close but not closenough out of habitual reluctance. They'll have to talk about This, about the unvoiced sentiment that compelled Viggo to travel thousands of miles on a seeming whim, just for This. But not yet. Not even soon.

They've said enough for now.

Viggo presses his nose behind Orlando's ear. The soft skin there still smells strongly sweet, a kind of burnt sugar scent that Viggo remembers achingly well. It used to make him toss at night whenever Orlando was near. He'd dream of cold mornings in New York, of bakeries and street vendors that sold candied nuts starting at dawn, of something rich and just a little unexpected that early in the day. It's a good smell, and on Orlando it always makes him crazy to fuck.

"You," Orlando mouths into the crook of Viggo's neck, and the almost admission makes Viggo all the crazier. He smiles madly into Orlando's hair.

Yeah, you is all Viggo can think, tired and sweaty and hard against an unfamiliar door frame in a small Spanish town, thank you for closed eyes with long lashes that tickle his chin, for thin hips that press so tightly against his own, for full body acceptance and answering lust, thank you thank you for you you you.

[User Picture]From: _ming
2004-05-18 07:51 pm (UTC)
Orlando doesn't think Viggo's ever looked at him so intently before, and fuck, it's more than a little disturbing. Viggo's got him pinned by the shoulders and hips, and he feels like some kind of really big bug waiting to either get squashed or collected, killed or cherished.

It's way too much for him just now. All he knows is that Viggo's been gone forever, or it very nearly feels that way. And all he wants is Viggo now that they're both here, now that they've got a chance.

The want is what crushes him, more than the combined weight of Viggo's body and scrutiny. The want is what really gets him in the end, because Orlando's been so good. He shows up at premieres and photoshoots, he gets to the set everyday on time, he memorizes all his lines, he's learned to like food products that would've made him laugh only a few years ago, all just to be good. And the effort's gotten him a lot, it really has, it's gotten him really far. But it hasn't gotten him Viggo, at least until now.

And Viggo's finally here, but after all that he's still just looking. The smile fades off Orlando's face, and all his ignored loneliness crashes on him just then, just as Viggo moves in for a kiss.
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[User Picture]From: _ming
2004-05-18 07:52 pm (UTC)
The harsh edge of a groan wells up out of Orlando's chest and lodges in his throat. Viggo tries to soothe the sound with tongue and lips, but there's no stopping it. Orlando doesn't stop keening, he cries like he's dying, water's seeping out from between his tightly closed eyes.

"Shh," Viggo whispers, pulling away from their kiss to breathe assurance by the corners of Orlando's eyes, into the shells of his ears. "Shh, shh. Quiet, darling. You be quiet, baby."

"I can't," Orlando sighs. He gnaws on his lower lip and then pushes up against Viggo's throat, bites the thick chords of muscle there and licks at the sweat. He falls back and turns his head into a pillow, and Viggo sees that the skin beneath his eyes is bruised dark blue and soaking wet. His thick black eyelashes are stuck together by moisture and his mouth is red and open. Viggo kisses it again but Orlando is shaking, Orlando's eyes are streaming, and Viggo slips. His lips skid and come to rest by Orlando's ear.

"Yes you can," Viggo says. "I've missed you too, but you have to be quiet now. Nothing is hurting you."

"You hurt me," Orlando hiccups, his voice start-stopping on shaky breaths. "You've hurt me, and I can't get up from it, Vig, you know? It's like you've been gone so long, and now you're here, and it's different from just hearing. It's different from knowing you're out there, somewhere, and I'm just. I'm just so. I can't believe."

"I'm here, Orlando."

"Yeah, but like. I don't mean to be a baby, right? We're both men here, now, and I know what I need to do. I know you've got a lot going on for you. But I've just. I've missed you so much. And I never. I never, never thought you'd..."

"What?" Viggo asks, shaking. Orlando finally opens his eyes and looks up at Viggo's face, taking it in like it's a new sight. When he speaks he's still crying, but his voice is almost steady.

"I didn't even know if you still liked me, Vig. You never called, you never wrote. Nobody heard much from you anymore, I didn't see you anywhere, and I started to lose your pictures. And if you don't fuck me now like you mean it, if you have me tonight and then get bored with me by tomorrow and never call again..."

Orlando's eyes are still now.

"I know you need a lot, Vig, and that you like to keep things different. But if you mess me about, I'll forget about you."

"Don't," Viggo sighs, stricken and relieved at the same time. He leans back and gathers Orlando up so that they're sitting together on the bed, rocking back and forth. They're both tired and they're still hard, and this is as fine as Viggo's ever felt. "Don't worry," he says, because Orlando's head against his shoulder is as sweet as eating breakfast cereal from the box and falling asleep outside at 4 in the morning with no clothes on.

"I promise," he says, and he doesn't know for how long but he means for as long as this day can hold out, for as long as he and Orlando can hold on.
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[User Picture]From: traveller
2004-06-06 03:31 pm (UTC)
There is a part of him that is tempted to just punch Viggo in the face, to make him bleed, to make him feel what it is that he, Orlando, is feeling. To make him really really know that it is not that fucking easy, mate, it's not like you can just start over because you've said the words.

There are no magic words.

Viggo should know that.

There is a part of him, the bigger part, that clings tight and presses his nose harder and harder against the sweaty musty crease of Viggo's neck and shoulder, the part that makes his breathing come shallow and his heart pound slow and fierce. It's the part that's been driving this last week, since his birthday, since the morning he woke up and realised that he couldn't live without this stupid punter in his arms.

"Better, gatito, eh?" Viggo says, and his hands come up, comb through Orlando's hair. He butts his face against Viggo's shoulder.

"Better, better," he answers, and a chuckle escapes. He raises his head, kisses Viggo's lower lip with a swipe of tongue. "I am so fucking angry with you, I am so... fucking in love with you, so if you promise, if you say you promise, then I promise too."

Viggo nods, he brings his hands forward to cup Orlando's face, and MOTHERFUCK.

White light, white light.
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[User Picture]From: _ming
2004-06-06 06:59 pm (UTC)
Heh. Orlando groans in an entirely different kind of distress and Viggo can tell from the feverish fish-scale gleam of his shocked eyes that Big Trouble is coming, unless. Unless Viggo starts licking the red flush spreading across Orlando's face. Unless he starts moving his right thumb in rough circles around one of Orlando's nipples and his left thumb in and out of Orlando's quaking navel. Unless... yeah, Orlando's belly-up anger turns to something sweeter, just those kind of short breaths, that's nice.

"You bastard," Orlando hisses, the corners of his mouth wet and upturning. Viggo moves to make those bits of smile part of his own, and soon they are happy, both just happy and fused and sweaty and red, black, and blue.

Viggo thumbs the soft skin by Orlando's hairline and mouths the blunt curve of bone above his eyes. It must be some sort of primordial instinct that whispers to cover as much of Orlando as he can with spit, lips, and nips, but he's not fighting it. In fact, he's going down. Before he knows it he's facing the shallow hollows above Orlando's groin, his incisors the only teeth it feels like he has left.

He looks up Orlando's torso and reaches to stroke along his sternum. Eventually Orlando looks down, a pale purple bruise already starting to form over the bridge of his nose. Brute pride surges in Viggo's throat (me, mine), and he keeps their eyes locked as he slowly, slowly takes a chunk of Orlando's inner thigh between his teeth and licks, just licks.

This is the lightning, the white light right before it all goes beautifully black.
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[User Picture]From: traveller
2004-06-06 09:04 pm (UTC)
Orlando shifts from pain to rage to want to need in about twenty seconds, fast, too fast, and it makes his head spin, makes the ringing in his ears kick up to a pounding, fucking fat guy with Viking horns and a kettle drum in the back corner of his brain. He moans.

He doesn't even know how Viggo got his pyjama bottoms off. Blimey.

Viggo bites down a little harder, his tongue soothing the sharpness, and Orlando finds his hands clutching at Viggo's head, feels his back arching up into what he hopes will happen next.

Viggo always loved to suck cock. Viggo would hold him down and suck him for what felt like hours, suck him until he came howling and then lick him back up hard and start all over. Orlando moans again, just from the memory, and again because--

"Yeah," he gasps. Viggo's hand flexes around Orlando's cock, his teeth still set in the soft skin of Orlando's thigh. Yeah yeah yeah, "Please..."

Not too bloody proud to beg is Orlando Bloom.
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[User Picture]From: _ming
2004-06-07 09:43 pm (UTC)
Viggo slides his teeth off Orlando's leg and drapes his arms over quivering thighs, rests his hands on twitching hips. He hovers just like that. Orlando is thumping his head against the bed, sighing and fighting for a little more feeling, anything at all. Viggo waits. He leans forward inch by inch till he can fucking smell it, yeah, what he's missed for so long. This isn't the smell of Orlando an ocean away, dishwashing detergent and chopped vegetables and the kitchen floor. This is the smell of Orlando—Orlando—red wine and plaid shirts and sweat that bites the back of Viggo's throat as he—yeah—takes it. Takes it all in, makes it his own.

This is his. This smell, this taste, this tender knee and that squared shoulder, everything. And it doesn't matter if Orlando has his girlfriends and Viggo has his women, it doesn't matter if they lie about it to everyone else and never see each other outside of closed doors, because this is real. It is no less intense for belonging only to them. This is It.

Viggo's teeth feel supersensitive around Orlando. Like always, he wants to sink them in. He wants to take a bite, but it is so much better not to, to choose not to. Just to, yes, swallow like that, push his tongue up against that vein till there's no more give. Because this belongs to him, Orlando is his right now, and Viggo will take care of him, take him anyway he can get him.

Viggo's jaw is about to fall off but he could do this to Orlando forever. And maybe (finally, thankfully) he can.
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